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Sweet Pea

Let's face it - we know this face is pretty irresistible and she has the head tilts mastered. Sweet Pea has not had the easiest road but we are determined that she find her happy ending. She is a shy girl at first but warms up quickly and shows you how happy she is with her butt wiggles.


"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Please don’t let Sadie's cyst turn you away. Her cyst is strictly cosmetic.


My name is Sophie but sometimes my foster parents call me Bunny because I'm so cute and fur is really soft! I will hippity-hop right onto your couch and into your heart. I'm a pup that knows a few things, like how to sit, stay, lie down, shake, and go to bed. My kisses, tail wags and big ears will make your day, so can I be part of your family?


Here is 37.5 pounds of perfection all wrapped up in an 18month-2 year old pit mix. Honestly, her foster looked really really hard but couldn't find anything wrong with her! Oh, wait, there is one thing...you absolutely positively MUST be willing to play fetch with her. She loves it and has to have it. Want to go for a walk? YA-YA. Want to go for a run? YA-YA. Would you like to come with to the post office? YA-YA. Are you up for a car ride? YA-YA. Wanna cuddle? YA-YA!!!


Happy to meet you! My name is Bowser, Bow-wow-wowza, the black beauty! I love affection and have been through basic obedience and I revel in learning and working.


Illinois // NW Indiana