Foster FAQ

What is the process and requirements for becoming a foster home for DBMB?

Foster guardians must be at least 21 years of age and have the ability to properly care for a pet. The first step in the process is to fill out our guardianship application (which can be found via this link: Foster Application Once your application has been received and reviewed, one of DBMB’s volunteers will contact you to discuss it further and go over next steps. Since DBMB is a 100% volunteer foster only network organization, we work with you to find the ideal foster pet match to ensure successful foster placement. A home visit/check is also conducted prior to placement to confirm the home environment is as described and will be a safe environment for the pet. We also complete reference checks, including a vet reference to ensure any pets currently or previously in your household are/were kept up to date on annual wellness and vaccines. This multi-step process is necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of the foster pet.

Is there anything foster homes are asked to provide?

While our dogs are in foster care, they are provided with absolutely everything they need to be happy, healthy, and ready for adoption including but not limited to routine and/or emergency vetting and medical care, training, basic supplies such as crate, leash, harness, toys, etc., and anything else that is needed. The only supply we generally ask foster homes to provide (besides a warm, loving home) is food, however, DBMB can provide food if needed as well. As a foster home, transporting the foster pet to vet appointments, meet and greets, adoption events, and/or other fundraisers may be asked as well.

Are foster expenses incurred tax deductible?

Yes! DBMB is a 501c3 non-profit organization, so any purchases made for foster care can be tax deductible so save any receipt related to those expenses.

What if my foster pet requires veterinary care?

DBMB covers all routine and/or emergency medical care that the foster pet may need. DBMB also has strong relationships with several approved local veterinarian offices in each of our regions and permission for routine vet visits is needed prior to making and taking the foster pet to any vet. Without proper clearance, DBMB cannot reimburse the foster guardian for any medical costs, routine or emergency.

What is the average length of time a foster pet is typically in a foster home?

Unfortunately, there is no average length of time or guarantee for how long a foster pet will be in a foster home since it depends on the foster pet and their needs. Therefore we can not give a specific timeframe of how long each foster home will have a foster pet. Since DBMB is a 100% foster based organization with no physical building/shelter location, it is the expectation that the foster pet will remain in the original foster home until they are adopted. If for some reason the foster placement absolutely can not work out after all options have been exhausted, with appropriate notice, DBMB will work to re-home the foster pet until another suitable placement can be found.

Will DBMB provide support services for foster homes?

DBMB provides all foster guardians with any and all necessary resources and education materials for reference for all of our fosters. One of DBMBs main volunteers is also a Certified Professional Dog Trainer who is able to give DBMB foster guardians advice, recommendations, and suggestions on training and behavior questions and/or concerns. DBMB also partners with many other area trainers who only use positive based, force-free training methods & approaches. Also, with proper notification, DBMB can arrange for respite placement if a foster guardian is going out of town.

Can I adopt my foster pet?

Yes! If the foster placement is going well and there isn’t a pending adoption already, foster guardians can ask to adopt their foster pet as long as it’s in the foster pet’s best interest and all DBMB requirements and conditions are met.


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